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"Do you remember? Do you remember being solid? Do you remember life before the hole? Before you were empty and needed to be filled? There was a time when everything was enough. There was a time you didn’t try to get out of your own skin. Remember?"Amy Reed  (via embryons)

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كن على سلام (be at peace)

bumkeyk그리고 my little freaks 내가 아무것도 모를거같지만 나 다봤어 날 위해 준비해준 모든거 하나도 안빼놓고 다봤어 버스도 지하철도 사진도 편지도. luv u always and we’re gonna rock this world !!!!!!!!
 And my little freaks although it seems like I don’t know anything but I have seen it all. Every single thing you guys have prepared for me, I have seen them all without missing a single one. The bus and the subway and the pictures and the letters. luv u always and we’re gonna rock this world !!!!!!!!
Translation credit: MINHOLE 

무려 10분 안에 일어난 일… 난 정말 행복한 사람이다 !!! 울타이밍도 안주고 얼굴에 케익을 엎어버렸다 (최민호가) 그리고 케익에 내이름을 ‘기’라고적었다(최민호가). 최민호의 주최다 내 옷을입고 사진을 찍은것도 . 근데 민호가 너무 혼자 준비하다 보니 그사실을 몰랐던 영감이 우동을 먹으러 밖에 나가버렸다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 돌아와서 축하받으리
Something that happened in just 10 minutes… I am really a happy person !!! Didn’t even give me time to cry and he dumped the cake on my face (Choi Minho) and on my cake he wrote my name as ‘Ki’ (Choi Minho). It was also Choi Minho that planned the theme of wearing my clothes and taking a photo . But because Choi Minho planned all of this by himself the old man didn’t realize what happened and went out to eat Udon kekekeke I’ll get congratulations when he comes back